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Coca-Cola 80 años


The Coca-Cola Company boasts the most popular and iconic portfolio of beverages on the planet. Since 2008, we’ve been the agency responsible for strategy, creativity, and execution for their internal communications in the southern part of our continent. In 2019, this role expanded to encompass all of Latam, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina, among others.

Due to our outstanding performance, Coca-Cola entrusted us with the challenge of conceptualizing and executing a massive campaign to celebrate their 80th anniversary across five countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay.


After over a decade of experience working together and gaining an in-depth understanding of the brand strategy, tone, corporate communication drivers, and communication style of the company, the need arose to develop a single conceptual idea for the celebration across three countries.

The executions needed to maintain a connection with the local look and feel of each location. In response to this challenge, we developed the concept of “Desires for the Future,” along with creative pieces tailored for each media channel of the campaign.


Despite significant budget constraints for a campaign that required individual implementation for each country, we managed to produce a main commercial and content for various digital channels. Not only did we accomplish this within a tight timeframe, but we also achieved film and visual quality that rivals commercials with much higher investment levels.

The primary “Desires for the Future” commercial was shot over two days in Buenos Aires, featuring different actors for each country. We localized the packaging and product types for each region, along with their respective voiceovers. Additionally, our agency’s music arm, Negril Music Studio, crafted an original musical piece perfectly aligned with the brand’s concepts.

The campaign involved photography for various graphic and digital pieces, as well as adapting the central concept for radio, social media, out-of-home (OOH), and other media.

Initial digital results were highly positive, with sentiment ratings exceeding 80% positive (less than 2% negative) and engagement rates surpassing the average of other campaigns conducted by the company.

We take pride in the trust that a brand like Coca-Cola places in a small independent agency like ours! …. we must be doing something good , right ?