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Our focus on B2B branding and marketing led us to AUXIS, a management and IT consulting firm based in Plantantion, Florida, and offices in Costa Rica.  Though small in size, AUXIS had a strong presence in the competitive Florida market, competing against renowned international brands like Accenture and Deloitte.

Initially, we were approached to develop a new website, but we discovered that more important matters were more urgent, and upon our recommendations, our involvement evolved into a far more comprehensive project.

From the website development to branding, marketing strategy, and beyond, our efforts were fully integrated, ensuring AUXIS was well-equipped to stand shoulder to shoulder with its formidable competitors. 

We take pride in contributing to the growth and success of a local champion like AUXIS.


From the initial “request” to create a new website, we quickly identified the urgent need for a brand upgrade, complete with a fresh branding approach and improved communications. Rather than just proposing a new web design, we presented a comprehensive plan to elevate the brand to be a prominent player in its market. And so, our journey began.

We embarked on crafting an entirely new brand identity, a sophisticated system of visual elements, captivating digital content, and a fully responsive website. But we didn’t stop there. To bolster AUXIS’ position in the market, we implemented strategic B2B marketing initiatives, focused on driving commercial success.

Our pitch was met with enthusiasm, and the result was a resounding success. AUXIS now stands as a true force in the industry, equipped with a cohesive brand presence, a captivating digital platform, and a robust marketing strategy. 


Our comprehensive rebranding work for Auxis, coupled with the development of the foundation for their new marketing plan, culminated in a fully revitalized brand that received enthusiastic acceptance from the company’s Board of Directors and key clients.

The transformative changes we implemented not only breathed new life into the brand but also resonated profoundly with the decision-makers within Auxis. Their unwavering support and positive feedback validated our efforts, demonstrating the significant impact our work had on the company’s image and reputation.

The success of this project further solidified our position as a trusted partner, and we are thrilled to have played a pivotal role in Auxis’ journey to success.